Shopping cart TTS93 STAHLWILLE

Shopping cart TTS93 STAHLWILLE

Proven series of TTS workshop trucks

  • All sockets can be extended to 100%. The use of STAHLWILLE standard TCS inserts or variable socket dividers ensures easy selection and removal of the tool.
  • Oil and acid-resistant, smooth running of the wheels (R 125 mm) with protection against penetration of dirt and fibres into the bearings, with two parking brakes
  • High static load capacity up to 500 kg. The bottom drawer has a load capacity of up to 45 kg!
  • Central locking with a cylindrical lock and foldable key. It is not possible to pull out more than one drawer at a time, which in fact increases the resistance to the truck's overturning.

Starting kit

Comprehensive starting kit for industry, craftsmanship and automotive industry – with TCS tool management system, 135 parts set of tools.

A comprehensive set of tools, including:

  • Socket wrenches 1/4" and 1/2" (5-32 mm), QuickRelease ratchet with fine teeth and accessories
  • Ratchet bit holder and complex set of bits
  • Combination wrench (6-32 mm)
  • Numerous screwdrivers
  • Allen wrench kit (1.5-10 mm, T9-T40)
  • selection of pliers and scissors and many other tools including hammers, safety knife and magnet