Norbar Evotorque battery tools (EBT)

Norbar Evotorque battery tools (EBT)

Presentation of news in the area of Norbar tightening devices

Until now, battery torque tools would generally consist of power tool handles with modified software and gearbox. Result: overheating engines, incorrectly tightened screws and disappointed customers.

When entering this market, the current situation was not good enough for Norbar. Aside from the gearbox and the battery, each aspect of the EBT torque tool is new and designed for this purpose. This unique tool is already available with a single-speed gearbox and automatic two-speed gearbox. Four main aspects were identified during the development of this tool: performance, precision, data and, of course, safety.

Bolted joint tightening and checking modes

  • Tightening to torque or torque and angle with smooth angle increments of 1° past the minimum initial angle of 10° from the threshold torque.
  • In the audit mode, this unique system is able to determine the value of the already tightened screw joint.


The new maintenance-free motor, tested in hundreds of thousands of tightening cycles, is one of the most powerful battery-powered torque tools. This not only brings an advantage in speed, but also in thermal resistance. The practical advantage of thermal resistance is that under the same conditions, Norbar EBT will also work in an environment where other tools of other manufacturers will not work due to overheating.


Tightening precision ±3%, measuring an angle of ±1°. The Norbar tool joins a small group of tools on the market to be controlled by a sensor instead of current. In combination with the unique Norbar software for scanning bolted joints, EBT is one of the most accurate torque tools available for a wide range of connections. Even the sensor design is new (registered patent) to the market and avoids a common problem. For most other sensors, dropping the tool can cause permanent deletion of reading values; this sensor is protected.


EBT allows collection and output of bolt tightening and audit data, up to 3,000 time and date records, either via USB or Bluetooth 4.0 cable output.


Norbar came up with a “safe start” solution so that the service hands did not reach a dangerous reaction point. Start-up requires a double press on the instrument. Only after that can the operator safely move the arm to the supplied secondary handle (if included).

Scopes and models

Item No. Description
180445 EBT-72 series – one-speed, 200-1,350 Nm

EBT-80 series – one-speed, 400-2,700 Nm


EBT-92 series – one-speed, 800-4,000 Nm

180469  EBT-72 series – two-speed car, 200-1,350 Nm
180565  EBT-80 series – two-speed car, 400-2,700 Nm
180661  EBT-92 series – two-speed car, 800-4,000 Nm