Daptiq control station from Stahlwille

Daptiq control station from Stahlwille

Active inspection of workshop carts

Where regular inspections are necessary to ensure that tools and workshop equipment are properly stored in place, the DAPTIQ system provides effective security and efficiency. It can be linked to ERP systems or warehouse management systems and provide reliable data on tools contained in the storage system, i.e., workshop carriages from STAHLWILLE.

One of the key reasons is that, unlike conventional systems for monitoring the content of trolleys with tools, the DAPTIQ system allows checking and scanning the content of any workshop truck equipped with this system. Therefore, purchasing just one station will suffice.

Another advantage of the DAPTIQ control station, protected by a number of patents, is that the items inside are fully protected from interference signals throughout the content check period. Other devices cannot interfere with the scanning of tools. Last but not least, this system is perfectly capable of scanning and analysing several hundred instruments in a very short time.

Once the inspection has been carried out, the scanning result is immediately available to the warehouse management system for further processing and logging.

Further benefits of the 95 VA DAPTIQ

  • Spacious. Easily removable sockets with ball bearings.
  • Smart design. The three-stage locking system prevents unintentional opening during transport and unauthorised access.
  • Accessible. The sockets can be opened to 100%, allowing undisturbed access to the tool and a clearer overview.
  • Robust. Robust design with high quality materials ensures long service life.