A new item by WIHA – speedE®II

A new item by WIHA – speedE®II

Even faster

The new speedE®II has two performance levels, 0.4 Nm and 1.0 Nm, which opens up a new spectrum of applications. The integrated material protection function guarantees safety at both levels of performance.

Material protection function at 1.0 Nm: Perfect for larger threaded bolts.

Thanks to the new 1.0 Nm performance level, the speedE®II is now also an ideal tool for screwing that requires more force. Whenever larger threaded bolts are used, it is possible to finish the operation 3 times faster with speedE® than using a conventional screwdriver.

Material protection function 0.4 Nm Perfect for sensitive uses

Whenever more sensitive screwing is required, you can choose a performance level of 0.4 Nm. In this way, sensitive screw joints can also be completed within the shortest possible time. Of course, with the automatic material protection function supported by the easyTorque torque adapter for particularly sensitive screwing.