Repairs under warranty and post-warranty

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    Servicing of complete assortment

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    Warranty and post-warranty servicing

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    You know the costs associated with the repair in advance

In our Medlešice facility, we perform the warranty and post-warranty servicing of all the brands we have in our assortment

Our employees are trained in the design, adjustment and repair of manual tools made by our partners. The service is performed on the basis of work procedures and drawing documentation from individual companies.

The permission to service torque wrenches from a force of 0.1-1,000 Nm is granted by the registration certificate of ČMI number 501-RO-0546/99. The accuracy of the torque wrench after adjustment is within the tolerance specified for the given torque wrench ČSN EN ISO 6789-1 (230780) or the company standard of the wrench owner. The customer is familiarised with the date and price of the repair in advance.